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A Lifetime Together

Tathiana - A Lifetime Together
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This piece is the processional that I composed for my wedding. It didn’t originally start out as being meant to be my wedding piece, but as I composed it, it fit perfectly, so this is what I used. I play both the flute and recorder in this one, and just love the intertwining melodies the two flutes represent. Their harmonies are a perfect fit for each other, symbolizing two lives joined as one.

Passing By

Tathiana - Passing By
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My very first composition ever (meaning it’s probably the most important, yet the simplest), this piece was a big accomplishment for me. I never envisioned myself composing when I was younger, yet lo and behold, this little song came out of my imagination! When I tried to think of a title for it, the song reminded me of being on a road trip and observing the sights passing by.

Fly Away

Tathiana - Fly Away
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The first of my pieces to incorporate a bridge, this song represents the feeling of being trapped and wanting to fly away, only able to do so in one’s dreams.

My Love For You

Tathiana - My Love For You
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This is the original version, and the first of my pieces where I really started experimenting with MIDI sequencing. The idea for this song came from me tinkering on a piano until I played a musical line that eventually evolved into this piece. When I thought it was finished, there seemed to be something missing, something I heard in my mind and needed to be added – a background of strings, adding more depth to the song. This song continues to be a favorite among my fans.

My Lullaby

Tathiana - My Lullaby
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When this piece was completed, it sounded like a lullaby that might be played for young children as they drift away to dreamland, hence its title.

Thinking of You

Tathiana - Thinking of You

One of my favorites, this song represents a heart yearning for a lost relationship. It expresses both love and pain with the knowledge that life goes on, no matter what we face. As with “My Love For You”, I incorporated background strings which provide more depth and emotion to this song.


Tathiana - Surviving
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This song represents life – the ups and down, disappointments and frustrations, yet surviving through all of life’s obstacles.


Tathiana - Journey
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I had “composer’s block” after finishing half of this piece and only completed it months after putting it aside. It represents a life journey, someone recounting their tale of ups and downs, but overall having had many positive life experiences and being content and at peace with one’s choices.


Tathiana - Reflections
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This is the finished product of an interesting little venture. Jerry, a friend of mine, was visiting one day and was tinkering a pattern on the top two keys of my piano. He told me to sit down and compose something from what he was playing, so that’s what I did! I’m quite proud of this piece. It incorporates more instruments than any of the previous pieces I had composed at the time: piano, cello, flute, and strings.

Love’s Passage of Time

Tathiana - Love's Passage of Time
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This song was specifically written for my husband, and represents my relationship with him – how our relationship started off a little shaky with doubts, but progressed into something wonderful! Even through the hard times, we have always and will always make it through, together. I dedicate this song to my husband, and look forward to spending the rest of my life with him!

My Love For You – with flute

Tathiana - My Love For You - with flute
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This is a newer version of “My Love For You”, with an alternate melody which the flute plays.

Memories Past

Tathiana - Memories Past
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This piece is a reflective song – thinking back on past relationships, heartbreaks, but looking forward to the future with hope.

The First Noel

Tathiana - The First Noel
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My first Christmas arrangement, featuring both the flute and recorder harmonized, accompanied by piano and strings.