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I just completed a new re-design of with an all-new shopping cart system to sell my music.

The old design was getting really outdated, and I needed update it to make it look like it actually belongs in 2012 and not 2008 – there have been many design standards changes in the past 4 years, especially now that most people are on monitors with higher resolution.

There are some new areas to explore as well – here’s a quick list:

The Shop

Here you’ll find all of my music available to buy either individually, or you can buy the full digital album. You’ll receive a digital download link that’s valid for 7 days after your payment is processed.


The music page has been updated so that you can preview the songs as well as click on a link to purchase individual tracks.


Any and all albums I ever produce will be posted here, and you’ll be able to easily buy my albums. Currently, the Reflections album is available (digital version) to be purchased and downloaded. I hope to eventually, when I can afford to, release a CD version of it as well, but in the meantime, digital is the way to go!

Keep in mind that I don’t make my living from my music, at least not yet, so if you do purchase my music, please don’t give it to others. Instead, give them the address to my website so that they can come here, explore, have a listen, and if they like my music, maybe they’ll also purchase it to download!

Thanks to my fans for their support – I really do appreciate it! Hope you guys like the new design – let me know what you think!


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