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Upcoming Re-Release of Tathiana’s Music CD!

It’s definitely not easy being an independent artist and working a “normal” full-time day job, and doing freelance work on the side. Finding the time (and inspiration) to compose music has been my biggest challenge over the past five years, but I do have a few new things on the go. Completing them is a whole different story, though. I have searched high and low for the best solution for me to re-release an updated version of my music CD through an inexpensive CD replication and... [read more] -->

MIDI Sequencing is Tedious

Part of the reason my music has been on hold over the past few years is that MIDI sequencing is a tedious effort and is time-consuming. It takes a bit of time to get the whole song in when you’re doing it one note at a time! Lately whenever I think of what’s involved in getting one of my compositions sequenced, I feel weary (from all my past experience) without even having started! I use a program called Noteworthy Composer, and it’s relatively basic compared to some of the stu... [read more] -->