Upcoming Re-Release of Tathiana’s Music CD!

It’s definitely not easy being an independent artist and working a “normal” full-time day job, and doing freelance work on the side. Finding the time (and inspiration) to compose music has been my biggest challenge over the past five years, but I do have a few new things on the go. Completing them is a whole different story, though.

I have searched high and low for the best solution for me to re-release an updated version of my music CD through an inexpensive CD replication and/or duplication service, and haven’t found anything that works with my limited budget, so I’m considering going back to CafePress. I’d like to re-release my CD, and it will include all of my completed compositions, including a bonus Christmas track which I’ve never included before, and “A Lifetime Together”, which is the piece I composed as the processional for my own wedding, but I still need to find a viable solution.

Anyway, I know I have a few loyal fans and wanted to let you guys know!

My music can currently be heard via my Music page (streaming mp3’s). If you’ve never heard any of my pieces, please go there and at least listen to either “A Lifetime Together” or “The First Noel” (if you’d rather hear something more familiar and don’t mind listening to Christmas music) to get a feel for my style of music when it comes to my instrumental pieces.

Now, here is my question that I would LOVE to know the answer to:

Which one is your favorite piece?

Mine is “A Lifetime Together”! (Come on, you knew I was going to say that!) 😉

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